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Supercar Hire for Unforgettable Supercar Tours

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Eminence Supercar Hire stands at the forefront of luxury automotive rental, offering an incredible selection of high-performance supercars for those passionate about embarking on memorable supercar tours. If you don’t want to put miles on your own supercar, or you just want to try another one on your tour, we’re happy to supply one of our vehicles to individuals who desire to elevate their touring experiences.

Discover Our Supercar Hire Options for Unmatched Tours

At Eminence Supercar Hire, our extensive fleet boasts the latest models from globally renowned supercar manufacturers. Whether you’re drawn to the elegance of Ferrari or the incredible presence of Lamborghini, our selection is tailored to satisfy the discerning tastes of every supercar enthusiast.
Recognising the unique nature of each tour, we offer customised hire packages. These bespoke solutions are crafted to align seamlessly with the specific requirements of your journey, be it a solo venture or an exhilarating group expedition. We’ll include aspects like the mileage you’ll be doing and the type of driving to ensure that you’re only paying for the driving you’ll be doing.
Our incredible insurance coverage affords you the flexibility to commence your tour from any location. Eminence Supercar Hire simplifies your experience with hassle-free pickup and drop-off services, ensuring your adventure begins and ends on a note of utmost convenience.

Embarking on Your Supercar Touring Adventure

Secure your dream supercar for your upcoming tour with our straightforward and efficient booking process, designed to get you behind the wheel with ease.
We will ensure your vehicle is fully prepared for the tour and the conditions you will face, this could include fresh PPF or a service before you leave on your journey.
Many of our clients have their own cars, but they don’t want to put miles on the, orr they want to try something completely fresh for their upcoming tour, this is where we come in. If you’re used to a Ferrari you can try one of our Lamborghini’s. If you’re used to an R8 then why not try one of our McLarens?

Why hire your Supercar Tour car from Us at Eminence

Rear view of a red ferrari sports car with the license plate reading "eminence.
Our fleet is a testament to excellence, featuring only the most thrilling supercars to ensure your touring experience is unparalleled. We ensure we have the latest super and hypercars in incredible specifications so not only do you enjoy the latest vehicles, you’ll look the best on the tour too.
With a variety of hire durations available, multi-day to extensive weeks, immerse yourself in the touring experience on your terms, free from the constraints of time. This ensures that even if you’re looking to go on a multi-week tour, the vehicle is yours for the entire time.
Our commitment extends beyond just providing a supercar; we offer comprehensive support throughout your journey, ensuring a smooth, enjoyable, and hassle-free experience. Should you have any issues, you just need to speak to a member of our team and we’ll resolve any issues.

Begin Your Supercar Tour Journey with Us

Whatever you are looking for, on whatever tour you are looking to do, we’d love the opportunity to share our fleet and hear about all the amazing adventures you get up to. Expert Recommendations and Planning Assistance Our knowledgeable team is on hand to offer personalised recommendations and assist in crafting the supercar tour of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the Perfect Supercar for Your Tour

The type of tour you are doing will heavily impact what the best supercar for the job is, if you’re doing a trip across europe with your partner then you’ll want a GT, if you’re looking to push something to the legal limit, then a track performante might be the solution!

Get in touch for a Personalised Consultation

Get in touch for a no obligation consultation. Explore our fleet, discuss your tour aspirations, and let us guide you towards an unparalleled supercar adventure across the UK.